Illustrated with beautiful and compelling visuals, Geurt Jan de Heus has created an insightful and practical guide for negotiating win-win solutions.
Very useful indeed!
— William L. Ury | Co-Author of "Getting to Yes" and author of "Getting to Yes with Yourself"
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Mastering the Art of Negotiation

Hundreds of books have been written on the topic of negotiation, as well as on topics looking at the psychological components of a negotiation, collaboration, project leadership, etc. With the help of compelling visuals, Mastering the Art of Negotiation combines these elements and brings them together to address various challenges and reconcile them with consciousness, resilience, creativity, and strength.  
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Geurt Jan de Heus

Since 1996, Geurt Jan de Heus has been active as a trainer and coach at RoutsLaeven, a Dutch consultancy firm. Geurt Jan graduated medicine school at the university of Utrecht. After his study he gained experience in several marketing and sales-management roles in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. 
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